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Piano Service

Piano Services CenterPiano Center – We have secondhand pianos for sale and also provide full range of services






Piano for rent: - low price piano rental service: after renting our pianos, if you decide to buy them, your rent and service fee can be a discount.ี

Service fee rate
Deposit (refundable after rental) 20,000 baht
Service fees (non-refundable) 5,000 baht
Monthly rent 1,200 baht
Total amount of first payment 26,200 baht

Remark - This price is only for customers in Bangkok and nearby provinces, customers in other provinces please contact +66-2892-5434

We accept credit cards
Credit cards

* deposit of 20,000 baht, refundable after rental
* Service fees of 5,000 baht including delivery back and forth, payment for tuning service (pay one time, non-refundable)
* Monthly rental payment by bank transfer
* Not less than 6 months rental lease
* After renting our pianos, if you decide to buy them or other pianos, the rent can be a discount. We will also refund your all service fees
Required documents for rental
  - Passport
  - Visa
  - Home rental lease and work certificate

Piano for rent


 Offering Piano coursesPiano Training

- Regular Course
   for 6 years old and up
- Intensive Course
   for adults
- We also have teachers who can teach you at home.

For more details, please call
(We will feel gratitude if you have Thai speaking interpreter.)

 Offering Tuning Training and Piano Repair ServiceTuning Piano Training
- Offering Piano Repair Training and Tuning Service.
- We provide both grand piano and upright piano courses.
- We provide a certificate after the courses.
- 30 hours Course
- Piano course: 3 hours /time, total 10 times and 30 hours of practicing
- Focus on tuning and fixing the action of the piano training




Piano Center - we are proud to offer you an opportunity to be our franchisee.


Please Contact +66-2892-5434 for more details.


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