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When you buy pianos from us, we offer you the following services :

- 5 years warranty
- 10 times of free tuning service with digital tuner
- Free delivery service throughout the country by hydrolic vehicles, specialty vehicles for piano transportation

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SecondHand PianoProduct Lists - if you are interested in our pianos displayed on the website or need more details, please contact us.

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        Secondhand Piano List
No. Type Brand Model Color Size Weigh Cond Price (฿) Img
164UprightsZIMMERMANN KKWalnut108 250Acall nowview image
163UprightsYamaha G.5White6.3 Ft. 350Acall nowview image
162UprightsYamaha U300Blk131 cm. 250Acall nown/a
161UprightsKawai US9CBlk131 cm. 300Acall nown/a
160UprightsYamaha U2Blk127 cm. 250Acall nown/a
159UprightsYamaha YUABlk131 cm. 300Acall nown/a
158UprightsRobinson -Blk125 250Acall nown/a
157UprightsForest specialWhite131 cm. 250Acall nown/a
156UprightsYamaha M5JWalnut110 250Acall nown/a
155UprightsYamaha C7Blk7 Ft. 400Acall nown/a
154UprightsKIMBALL Made In USAOak121 250Acall nown/a
153UprightsYamaha MX101RWhite127 cm 250Acall nowview image
152UprightsKawai CE7NOak110 cm 0Acall nowview image
151UprightsROSEN 300ROak ᴧ125cm 250Acall nowview image
150UprightsYamaha LU-90Blk108 cm 250Acall nowview image
149UprightsYamaha MX101RBlk121cm 250Acall nowview image
148UprightsYamaha U-2Blk124cm 250Acall nowview image
147UprightsYamaha LU-101Blk110 cm 250Acall nowview image
146UprightsYamaha LU-80Blk108 cm 250Acall nowview image
145UprightsYamaha LU-110Blk121 cm 250Acall nowview image
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